Pulsar Trail 2 - date/time and battery issues


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I have a trail 2 XQ50LRF.
Issue 1: The date and time reset to defaults when the battery is pulled. Some times it's one or the other or both. Not a major deal but it's an annoyance. is there a solution to this?

Issue 2: The 8hr battery that came with the scope would vary greatly in its run time under tha same types of usage. Some nights it would be at 50% within 2 hours. Pulsar sent a new battery but the same issue is happening.
Tonight I inserted the new 8hr battery 100% charged and in 30 minutes it was at 85%.
I also bought a 20hr battery and for example last night I used it for 8hrs (hunting 7pm - 3am) and was at 39% at 3am. Sufficient for a long night of hunting but that battery should be at 60% or at least 50% at 3am, not 39%.

Is the scope reading the batteries wrong or draining them? Wifi is only on to d/l videos.
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