Poultry brining

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    Jul 9, 2013
    Poultry is a staple food.
    There are some really simple ways to enhance the flavor for frying or roasting.
    Brining is simple and very effective, do it as you leave for work and come home and cook.

    Here is a cold brine I use that is a cold brine.
    It's great.

    I did learn one thing.
    The longer the brine time, doesn't make it better.
    I found 12 hours is more than enough.
    Anymore than that won't give you the ultra crispy skin, if you deep fry.


    Here is Alton brown breaking down the essence of brining.

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    I brined a 12# turkey on Friday night in a cooler with salt sugar and half a gallon of apple juice. Smoked on Sunday it was very juicy and you taste a hint of the apple juice. Will never cook another with out the brine. I forgot I used whole black pepper corns as well
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