Floor or no floor ?

Discussion in 'Trapping Hogs' started by MRB1, Sep 27, 2019.

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    Sep 27, 2019
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    New guy here, so if this has been batted around before, please bear with me. One of the regular discussions (arguments) around our hunting/trapping lease campfire is the pros and cons of portable trap structure. The most common discussions are about different door designs, panel choices, and the floor. I run traps with both, and have two that have floors that are easily removable. Both designs have their merits, but I've never lost a hog (s) from a floored trap, but have lost a lot from those without. Some contend that hogs don't like the floor, and it's a good argument - I cover my floors with feed lot hay, and it seems to help. What are your views - yea or nay.
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    It also depends on how big the trap is. Very difficult to floor a large trap, but a small trap definitely needs a floor.
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