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    Gave Up & Paid For It

    Oh, most definitely!
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    Gave Up & Paid For It

    I've been killing a few here and there at my place but getting skunked is the new normal. So what do you do when its been over a year since youve got on decent sounder in an open field? Pay for a hunt! Found an outfit on Facebook that was reasonable and reasonably close (Corsicana) and me and...
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    Frontal Running Shots Are Usually Exciting...

    Do you have the scope set at 30 or 60hz? That was cool to see the bullet exit.
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    6 Hogs Down from Honey Hole, Reductionist Hunting Pattern

    I used to have a honey hole but I guess we killed them all. I miss those days.
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    ISO MVDR Right Angle Video Cable for Reap

    I need a right angle MVDR video cable for my Reap. I will pay or I can trade, straight up, a Reap/Patrol image download cable. MSRP on these are $350
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    Supping at the Target Range

    Seems like I start every story like this lately but...Its been ages since I killed a hog. At least a month or two and I was just thinking that I'm about due for one that just about walks right up to me. Seems to happen once or twice a year. Sooooo, my target range is right outside my trailer...
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    Things That Make You Go "Hmmmmmm...?"

    Only slightly "OT", haha. Growing up in Indianapolis, the Hydroplane races on the Ohio were always a good time.
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    Things That Make You Go "Hmmmmmm...?"

    Same. The other day running through channels and I saw it and was like "DAMN, they STILL havnt found it?"
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    Anybody Can Kill A Big Hog...

    Mind boggling how much ammo I've wasted and the frustration level I have achieved trying hit those little bastages.
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    Starting Off April...

    I'd buy that for a $1!
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    Starting Off April...

    Im glad somebody is seeing hogs. Three nights out and 1 skunk and a mangy coyote. No hogs in sight. :(
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    1st can help

    Just my 02¢ regarding the Omega. I have one and think in terms of repeatability its fine. db's are fine, weight and size are fine. The issue I have with it is the QD system. The ASR system is notoriously crappy and, according to internet lore, they have come off. I just direct thread and have...
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    Reap ir 35mm type2 questions

    First, there are many people with far more Gen 1 Reap experience than me. With a total of around 20 nights with 6 different RENTAL Gen 1 Reaps, I never saw a failure. I did see how fast they burn through batteries though and that was why I went with Gen 1. No rechargeable option for the Gen 2...
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    Busy Night: 4 Hogs, 3 Skunks, 2 Beaver, 2 hours chatting with landowers

    Follow up shot speed was impressive! Nicely done.
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    8 Hogs in 30 Minutes

    Haha, Great patience to wait for them come back. Had it happen once but it was only two hogs and was dumb luck on my part. Killed one and went back to get the wheeler. On my way to check my kill I saw the other one had returned to check on his buddy. Same fate.
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    Thrilla in Red Rivah

    Yes, its from Academy. Overall I like it but there are a few "issues". 1. The inside walls are not steep enough to drain all of the corn out. So it ends up "empty" with a bag or two still inside. Im sure theres an easy fix, just need to empty it and try some things. 2. The cage around the...
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    Thrilla in Red Rivah

    Two go in and only one will come out! Well..the other ran off and came back later. Hadn't had any hogs on cam in almost a week. Now the boars are coming out of the woodwork. When I get a big one these guys are about what I get. Having said that, its been a while since Ive nailed a big one...
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    2 Shots, 3 Kills

    On that first shot and definitely the second, judging from the impact behind him, it didnt seem to have much deviation. I'm not getting that kind of pass through with the factory 6.8 120sst's.
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    Actually Ricocheted A Bullet Off A Hog's Head

    I had already sworn off head on head shots after going something like 0 for 3. Now I know what the problem is.
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    SCAR 17 & Reap IR

    Doesn't sound encouraging.