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    Pulsar XP50 black circle in screen? Choose file Hotlink for forums Paste
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    Back to LSA's MPCE, Ammo Testing, and More Hogs

    What made you change twist rate? Was it a new option to try or just the way it was given to you?
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    FLIR Scout III 320 experience

    I had a scout 640. It was useless for coyotes
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    ATN or Pulsar?

    Look at Bering Optics Hogster-r
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    Thermal Handheld/Scanner . . . ??

    What did you get?
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    Thermal Handheld/Scanner . . . ??

    Look at Bering Optics Hogster-r. Very light, good picture, reasonably priced, and you can use it without the reticle.
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    Thermal Handheld/Scanner . . . ??

    What's your budget?
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    Holdover\holdunder at different increments

    50 yard zero should be close to zero at 200ish and dropping from there...
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    Bering Optics Hogster-r throw lever

    I've been amazed with it. My primary thermal is an IR Hunter. While it's not as good as the Trijicon, the Hogster can hold it's own. I think the contrast is better than Trijicon. Bering Optics has a four year warranty. I haven't heard any complaints about them.
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    Bering Optics Hogster-r throw lever

    No conflict. Just removed it to get a better picture.
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    Bering Optics Hogster-r throw lever

    I had a buddy make a throw lever for my hogster-r. It makes adjusting focus a lot easier, especially when you're wearing gloves. Bering Optics Hogster Focus Ring Cattail Thermal — ZR Tactical Solutions
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    1st can help

    My first can was a Griffin Optimus. I didn't want to have different mounts, so I stuck with the taper mount. Griffin sells an adapter for my Omega that uses their taper mount. It's rock solid.
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    1st can help

    Omega 300. Very light and reasonably short
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    THERMAL . . WARM - - -> EXTREME COLD . . ??

    I've shot many critters by throwing open the window and popping them. I've never noticed a huge difference in picture.
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    6mm creedmoor build

    I'm getting everything together to build a 6mm creedmoor on a DPMS gen2 platform. My plan is to shoot lighter bullets (55-75 grain). I have no intention of going heavier. What twist rate would be best? What barrel length (between 18-22 inches) would you recommend? What length gas tube?
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    Reap Battery Options?? These work just fine with the UNV set up.
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    Bering Optics?

    I read that it's being built and serviced in the United states. Is this true?
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    Bering Optics?

    Has anyone messed with them? I don't see them on hueyoutdoors. Are they any good?
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    HELP! Purchasing thermals this week and need help

    My experience with Trijicon... Turn it on and nuc it. Leave it on until I'm done hunting for the night. I'll typically nuc it a few times the whole night.
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    HELP! Purchasing thermals this week and need help

    Another thing, you stated you want as clear of an image as possible. With that in mind, you're really limited to Trijicon and Nvision. I don't have real world experience, but Todd says it's in line with Trijicon, and I trust him. I live in Indiana. If you were willing to travel, I could get...