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    UNV mini dvr

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    UNV mini dvr

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    UNV mini dvr

    UNV mini dvr with everything as new. Got it last year and honestly i always forget to turn it on while hunting. Used it on my Pulsar Apex. $150 shipped. Also have the cable to from dvr to apex pigtail avail.
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    Pulsar items

    Still available? Price?
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    1st can help

    Its very hard to tell based off online videos. has the Trash Panda making the 308 quieter than the Thunder Chicken in its vids. In my mind a longer can with more baffles would do better
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    1st can help

    Think I have it narrowed down. Its going on a 16" 308 AR platform used for hunting. Most of my hunting is stand hunting with some stalking. Heres what I liked. Q trash panda Q thunder chicken Griffin Explor ex3 Recce 7 Right now I have a PWS brake on the rifle and its stupid loud. I want to be...
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    2 good ones

    Gettin a shoulder mount and doin a euro. My buddys friend is gonna do it. Hope it dont come back cross eyed
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    2 good ones

    2 Ga hogs killed with my new rifle i built. Black one dressed @ 209 other one 219. 2nd one had cutters longer than my middle finger. Anyone know how to estimate live weight? Butcher told me add 25% to dress weight???
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    6.8 barrels

    I went with an *** and their bolt and Im happy.
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    Headin to the local shop

    Lookin at the Dead Air Sandman S, Nomad or Q Trash Panda. Going on a PWS MK216 308. Would like it to work on 6.8 also. Any reviews with these on 16" rifles
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    Armasight Clip on

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    Armasight Clip on

    $1200 bump
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    Armasight Clip on

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    Armasight Clip on

    Yes it is gen 2+ they call it. Im sorry I just noticed i did not put that in the listing.
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    Armasight Clip on

    Armasight CO MR QS HD. Comes with hard case and soft case, long range 850 IR, and #2 and #3 mounts to allow it to fit from a 32-50mm objective. Asking $1600 to your door. Works awesome but have no need since buying thermal.
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    How many of you dress and cook the hogs you kill?

    I make sausage and cut up the rest, ribs, loins etc. A dozen hogs feeds us and our friends real good. Biscuits and sausage gravy are mmmmmm mmmmmm
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    2019 Georgia Kills

    Killed these with the thermal I got from Todd. First one I ever used and love it. Killed 15 in 6 days. Not as badass as most on here but i still love it.
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    Pulsar XP50 zeroing questions

    Is this the trail? I have an apex and it will not zoom at all in the zero menu. All my zeroing was done at base mag
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    Pulsar picture in picture

    I have an apex. You need to turn PiP on in the menu screen first. Then once u press the zoom button, closest to eye piece, it brings the pip up at full zoom
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    Looking to add another 308

    Can I bump this with some findings? PWS MK216 DD5V1 LMT LM8 MWS Grey Ghost MK II heavy All of these are in my price range. Looking for accurate reliable and able to shoot suppressed. Not interested in a build yet even though i may save some $. Thanks!