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    1st can help

    I have a class 3 Manufacturer's licence. I have built and destroyed many cans. The greater the volume, length or diameter, the less noise IF the can has a good baffle system. That said they are almost all good today. You can not tell anything from a video ( there mic, your speaker, your ears...
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    1st can help

    you should look into YHM with a changeable end you can use a variety of qd mounts, the price is great and they are built very well. An under stated brand.
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    Reap-IR for sale

    I sent you a mesage about the Reap IR , i am interested
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    Halo LR

    Some information would help. How old, why the service, why the sale, location you get the idea. I am interesded if you gan give me some more info. Thanks