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  1. erForman


    Prayers for you and your family.
  2. erForman

    Piglet production shut down

    A very bright moon slowed down the activity last night but I finally ran across this lone pregnant sow having her last meal. Shot was 100 yards with S&B pts. Heart shot put her right down. Also heard a mountain lion calling, probably the same one I caught on video.
  3. erForman

    2022 Hog Kill Counter

    +1 Wise Co. 9/12 10:20p big fat pregnant sow Total = 1214
  4. erForman

    Got this one when the site was down.

    Nice going and nice boom stick.
  5. erForman

    Boar gets shot

    Nice going, you've got plenty of hogs to deal with out there. Cool how you recorded the shot on your game camera!
  6. erForman


    Loving the new look!
  7. erForman

    Rains helped bring 'em out!

    The recent rains in north Texas really got the wildlife moving around here. I ran across three different sounders and took one from each. Was still hunting at 3am. Tgtrich3.mp4
  8. erForman

    Is this what I think it is?

    Only the first few seconds are clear. It disappeared pretty quickly. BigCat01.mp4
  9. erForman

    2022 Hog Kill Counter

    + 3 Wise Co. 8/18 - 8/19 Two sows and one boar. Total = 67
  10. erForman

    Oddity In The Sky Last Night

    Yep, Starlink satellite deployment. We've seen them down here in Texas too. Don't know about your phone though.
  11. erForman

    2022 Hog Kill Counter

    +2 Wise county. 7/12 Total = 64
  12. erForman

    The Lights Are Back On...

    Whew, had me worried. Does this mean all the security issues are patched? Some kind of explanation would be nice to hear.
  13. erForman

    This boar stayed out too late!

    You prevented him from getting away... that's the important thing. Sometimes it just takes a lot of holes to get all the air out.
  14. erForman

    More boars down

    I took a drive out to my feeders after dark last night and a lone boar was out there waiting for me. I walked in to about 150 yards out and put him down. Then I went by a recently cut wheat field and spotted another boar out there. I only had to walk 25 yards for a clean shot. This boy was...
  15. erForman

    2022 Hog Kill Counter

    +2 Wise Co. 6/23 160# and 180# boars Total = 61
  16. erForman

    The Bushmaster helps with a bad shot

    You're really giving me the wants for another rifle caliber in my collection.
  17. erForman

    Pig with a pistol

    Nice shooting, good confidence builder!
  18. erForman

    “Anything exciting happen on your hunt” “no, not really”

    Sometimes it happens. Don't know if they're doing it on purpose or not.
  19. erForman

    9:30 or bust

    Looks like some great fun to me!
  20. erForman

    3 hog weekend!

    Good going there! What a great weekend.